What is Lead well

At Victory Church in Atlanta, Georgia, we dream of equipping church and marketplace leaders of all cultures and generations to create health and order in their businesses, churches, communities, and families.

We believe that as disciples of Jesus we are all called to love God and love people with all our hearts (Matthew 22:37-40). Healthy, empowering, Biblical servant-leadership is both loving to people and honoring to God (Matthew 20:26-28).


Why we exist

To empower leaders to create a healthy, reproductive leadership culture


What we do

We provide training, resources, and coaching that grow the whole leader


What guides us

Biblically-based: Presenting and upholding Scriptural principles

Collaboration: Creating and working as a team

Diversity: Embracing and empowering all cultures and generations

Effectiveness: Using clear, simple, practical, and understandable methods

Excellence: Doing the best possible with the time, talent, and resources available

Relevance: Delivering content that is applicable, meaningful, and valuable to others

Healthy leadership is loving to people and honoring to God


Empower: To provide the direction, training, skills, resources, relationships, and authority to accomplish a goal.

Healthy: Where there is Biblically-based mutual accountability, belonging, and care for the whole person.

Reproductive Multiplying; replicative.

Leadership: Servant leadership based on SERVE: See the Future, Embody the Values, Reinvent Continuously, Value Results and Relationships, Engage, Equip, and Empower.

Culture: What is actually acted upon and experienced in a given environment.

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January 17th

We’re empowering leaders like you, to create a reproductive leadership culture wherever you lead. We’re growing the whole leader—sharpening leadership skills while strengthening the heart.

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