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Welcome to the Lead Well Podcast, where we’re empowering leaders like you, to create a reproductive leadership culture wherever you lead. We’re growing the whole leader—sharpening leadership skills while strengthening the heart.

Each episode features an in-depth interview with a dynamic leader followed by a conversation with a diverse group of men and women who lead in the marketplace and ministry. We’re learning and discussing how to apply key thoughts and principles to our day-to-day roles and responsibilities as leaders, and having some fun along the way!
Wherever you are on your leadership journey, Lead Well is for you!

Leading in Crisis – Dr. Sam Chand

Here is the description: Uncertain times call for decisive leadership. On episode 3 of the Lead Well podcast, Dr. Chand lays out key principles to lead others through times of crisis.

Effective Leaders Embrace Creativity - Mark Miller

In this episode of the Lead Well Podcast, Cheri Cochran speaks with Mark Miller, best-selling author and Vice President of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A Inc., about how the most effective leaders embrace creativity. Join the conversation!

Values - Dr. Dawn Marie Kier

In episode one of the Lead Well Podcast, Cheri Cochran chats about values in leadership with Dr. Dawn Marie Kier, "Chief Heart Doctor" at New Dawn Consulting. Tune in!

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